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Stock Management

Provides stock records at all times with a barcode that distinguishes each product keeping records of all stock in shop and reducing the stock automatically as sales are made to keep an accurate record always.

Sales Monitoring and Reporting

Records all sales correctly which allows daily sales to be accurately monitored and reported, thereby keeping precise records that are easily verifiable in the future.

Report Generation

The software generates both sales and stock reports for whichever period required to ensure that management is kept informed of the shop status and transactions.

Invoice Creation

For businesses wishing to use the software generate a proof of sales, the software generates instant invoices of all sales which can be printed directly from a connected printer.

Customers Records

The software takes customers data during purchase and saves record for future reference such as return of product or “end of year” customers’ appreciation, etc.

Suppliers Profile

A record of supplier of the shops product is saved together with the products supplied for easy verification of the products and to return products to the rightful supplier in a case of fraudulently supplied products.

Exhausting Stock Notification

As records of stock are kept, the software highlights stock that are about to be exhausted for easy identification and restocking.

24/7 Everywhere Access

The software is cloud-based which allows for access wherever the user is and whenever the user wants with any device of choice connected online.


  • Errors Elimination- Eliminates the manual work and errors involved in calculating sales made against the stock in the shop. Stock is always up-to-date as software automatically updates when sales are recorded.
  • Instant Stock Appraisal- With the software, you can at all times know the quantity of stock available, and products about to go-out-of stock, so you can easily restock. It also prevents the purchasing of slow moving items.
  • Loss of Sale Elimination– Having a knowledge of stock at all times enables the user to easily identify and restock fast moving items hence able to meet the demands of customers always and avoids loss of income from loss of sale.
  • Quicker and Easier Tracking of Items- The software uses distinct codes to track every stock and where there is difference between the items in the software and the items physically available, it is easy to trace and locate the cause of the difference.
  • Greater Accuracy- The items entered into the software before sales provides greater accuracy as items and their price are easily identified and reduced after sales are made.
  • Return and Refund Feature- Where a store has a return and refund policy, the software can easily and accurately match the purchased item to the customer and date of purchase for return and refund .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Myshop45?

Myshop45 is a Point of Sale (PoS) application for vendors that keeps record of stock, record of sales, generates receipts, keeps record of suppliers and customers, and generates reports whenever required among its other features.

Why should I use Myshop45?

Myshop45 keeps accurate records, eliminates errors associated with manual bookkeeping, gives real-time update of sales, tracks all sales made, gives real-time remaining stock update, keeps records of customers and keeps records of suppliers among its many other advantages.

How much does the subscription cost?

For information on the current subscription cost of the application, call the lines (+234) 8137189820, 07034356313. Or send email to our support channel.

Can I use the application without subscribing?

Yes; but for test purposes only. All records kept in the demo account can be viewed by visitors to the demo application site. Ensure not to post any records that may affect your business.

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